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Ali Haider, Milan, Neelam, Shabnam & Rajan Naqvi




The patriarch of the Naqvi family, Sayed Ali Haider Naqvi, was born to a powerful landlord in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, India. His parents, descendants of Sharfuddin Shah Wilayat Naqvi, claimed heritage from Abrahamic Prophets through Islamic Prophet Muhammad and consequently held the tenets of 'modesty' and 'truth even in face of adversity with the highest regard; values they instilled in all their children.

​Growing up, Ali witnessed India gain independence from the British and be simultaneously partitioned along religious lines; an event that increased religious tensions and prejudice in this newly torn country. Despite this, he moved away from home, leaving the comfort of his family’s influence, to pursue a career in Indian Law and lead an independent life. Being an exceptional student, he earned his Master's degree in law with exemplary results, was scouted by the Indian govt., and as a result moved to the Capital to work for the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Ali Haider Naqvi CBI Training
SP CBI Academy Ghaziabad - Ali Haider Naqvi


​As an incorruptible and capable officer, Ali was predominantly assigned to sensitive cases and deployed to particularly volatile areas—a fact that never showed on his face. With this fearless nature and his extreme caliber, no religious prejudice, if any, could deter him. This resolute, his accomplishments, and his unyielding integrity earned him the respect of his superiors and subordinates alike, many of whom fondly remember him to this day. He retired from the CBI in 2002.

Back at home, Ali lived a modest life with his wife and 3 children. He believed that material possessions were meaningless and that the true value of a person comes from them realizing their potential. He, therefore, was liberal in his parenting and let his children find their way naturally. His example and guidance led his children to make comfortable lives for themselves. Today, his eldest daughter is an accomplished Businesswoman, his younger daughter is a highly respected educator in the field of Biology in Dubai, UAE, and his youngest son is the director of the department of Cloud-computing at Oracle

Ali Haider & Milan Naqvi


On the 23rd of December 2015, at the age of 73, Sayed Ali Haider Naqvi passed away due to complications of third-stage Parkinson's. He was buried in an Imambara built by his ancestors, where he now rests between his parents and wife, comfortable in the fact that his body may be dead, but his name will live through the legacy of his work and children.

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