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Navsun Realty — Logo & Stationery Design

12 April 2021

Navsun Realty — Logo & Stationery Design

I was hired to design the brand identity for a Delhi-based real-estate development and services firm. The clients planned on diversifying into other unrelated and largely service-based industries and intended to use the motif as an umbrella. Therefore, I was asked for it to be universal and represent reliability.

The logo system designed consists of a square motif combined with a corporate San serif font. The font, in its deep-blue color, helps represent its corporate service-based identity, while the square flower-sun hybrid motif helps represent growth and reliability. 

Services rendered:

  • Came up with a name for the brand that was meaningful to the client and that sounded universal.

  • Acquired consistent and easy-to-recall social media handles, email, and domain for the brand.

  • Designed their brand's identity and stationery.

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